Last Day for Material Pick Up!

Every family needs to swing by school! Its easy and fun!!!!

Anderson Families,

It was so great to see so many of our students yesterday! I don't know who was smiling more, the teachers or the students. I'll call it a tie. :)

If you having come to school to pick up your child's bag of materials it is very important that everyone comes by. Today is the last day! 9:00-12:00 or 2:00-5:00 PM.

See you soon,

Mr. Jarot

PS. Don't forget to get ready for Field Day tomorrow. Take a look at this website made by Mr. Smith and Mrs. Spelic. It has all the information and videos to help your kids have a fun field day.

Field Day Website for Anderson School

Anderson Morning Annoucements: Thursday May 21st. LAST DAY FOR MATERIAL PICK UP! Every family needs to show up! We have fun surprises for you!