True Stories of Children in the Holocaust


Luncia Gamzer is a young Jewish girl that doesnt understand the problems going outside of her own door. She is being transported from place to place, with her life on the line. Does Luncia make manage to stay alive?

Major Conflict

Luncia is Jewish, and at this time Jewish people were getting treated dis respectfully. But Luncia must leave her family and stay with a non jew family in order to stay alive. While Luncia is staying at the non jew house she must stay in the corner at all time and not make a sound. Not only for her well being but for the people shes staying with.

Protaginist and important characters

Luncia Gamzer is a main character, along with her family and the Szczygiel family.The Nazis would be condsiderd as the antagonist since their the "bad guys," in this story.


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What was saddest thing you learned about the Holocaust?

Authors: Allan Zullo & Mara Bovsun

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