Suave: The Best Shampoo Created

By: Farah Merchant

Rags to Riches

Once upon a time there was a girl who had the most ugliest hair in the entire world. Her hair was so ugly that she had no boyfriend and her only friend was her rat who would have run away if it had the opportunity. Then one day she decided to go to Walmart to fix her hair, but was so lost and needed help. A sweet old granny decided to help her with her rat's nest that she called hair. She told her to use Suave shampoo. She said it would make her hair so gorgeous it would be something people died for and it would definitely get her a boyfriend. She decided to try it because how bad could it get. As soon as she starting using it she got instant results. Her hair became smooth, shiny, and silky, something every boy died for. She was transformed into Cinderella after the bidipi-boppity-boo. Everywhere she walked a guy would flirt with her. Later he found a guy she liked and they feel in love and lived happily ever after. (Until they had children).

Ratings and Price

Buy the suave hair product for instant results, because it is the best. We have asked our customers if they could rate Suave and they said it was so good that it broke their scale. The product is only $5.00, but if u buy now, then we could throw in a 20% off bonus because I know you people love those.

Results After Suave

Guaranteed Amazing Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people have asked us, What is my hair is too think or really frizzy, will Suave still work? Suave works on every single person's hair, actually it even works on aliens and animals, but if it doesn't work we will offer 100% back guaranteed. So don't worry at all.

More Information

Suave is located at any Walmart near you, and if you need help then you can always ask the workers there because that's what they're here for.