Commandments Of Mental Heath

By:Sherri Japenga-Riley

Talk to your friends/familey everyday

If you talk to your friends/family everyday then you can get your stress out and talk about all the positive or negative things that happened that day.
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If you have a sport you like that can keep you out of trouble stick with it.

If you got a sport you like you can keep yourself out of trouble by doing/going to those practices and games. (like cheer)
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Always make sure you have something to do.

If you don't have anything to do. Try to make plans cause it will be easier if you have something to do In stead of just sitting around all day on a phone or anything else.

Clean your bed room/house

If you are stressed out all you need to do is find something to take your mind off all the negative things that are happing.
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Go to sleep

If you take a nap you can just let your mind rest and forget about all the bad things that happened that day or week.
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Go for a walk around the block

Just so I will have something to do.
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Go the movies

I will go to the movies so I will have something to do to get my mind off something.
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Remember who you are and why you are here

Just remember why you are here right now and know you were put here for a reason.
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Never avoid doing things you love.

If you have something you like doing make sure you do it at least once a day if you can.

Write about the things that are buging you.

If you like writing you can always write down the things that you are stressing about.
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