Teaching Reading to:

English Language Learners

What do ELL and ESL Mean?

Throughout this page you will find numerous uses of the acronyms ELL or ESL. They both hold the same meanings, one is just a more recent terminology. ELL stands for the phrase English Language Learners, where as ESL represents the term English as a Second Language. Both acronyms are accurate and represent the students whose native language is not English. Now that you know the correct terminology you are all set to continue learning about how to best provide ELL students with a content rich and successful education!
ELL Instructional Strategies

This link will give you some more great tips to creating a successful learning environment for English Language Learning students.

My Personal Research

Through my research this past semester I have learned many new techniques and thoughts to consider when working with ELL students. A critical aspect in helping ELL students gain the best reading experience is to include cultural influences allowing the students to feel more confident in their work. By creating a diverse environment and including information from the culture that your ELL student comes from your student will feel more at home and gain more understanding of the topic being discussed. This will also allow your other non-ELL students to gain a better experience with diversity, they will develop a better sense of the different cultures and backgrounds that people come from. When promoting learning for ELL students in a classroom it is important to focus on activating background knowledge. While this is important for all students, it is especially crucial for ELL students as they do not have the same prior knowledge that other students will likely have. ELL students are most definitely capable of the same understanding as any other student and should not be looked upon as having a disadvantage. With proper techniques and patience ELL students will gain the experience needed to promote their success throughout school.

Videos Regarding Teaching English Language Learners

A Little About Amber!

My name is Amber Heere-MacLeod and I am enrolled in the Education program at East Carolina University. I am planning to become an Elementary Education teacher specializing in reading. I have used this page and other materials to further my knowledge in the area of teaching reading to English Language Learners. I hope that these tools help you to understand this topic as well!
ESL Reading - If you know these 10 words, you know 25% of all the words in any book