Diabetes Awareness

Expressing the rising rates of Diabetes in the US!

What is Diabetes? What causes it?

Diabetes is a complex group of diseases with a variety of causes. Most if not all people with diabetes have high blood glucose, which is also called high blood sugar. Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism—the way the body uses digested food for energy. Some main causes of Diabetes is

  1. Overweight
  2. Physically Inactive
  3. Parent or Sibling with Diabetes
  4. High Blood Pressure
  5. History of giving birth to a baby weighing more than 9 pounds
  6. Prediabetes

Type 1 Diabtes

In this stage of Diabetes your body stops making insulin. Insulin is an important chemical in the body and without it glucose (sugar) builds up. Five to ten percent of people with diabetes have type 1 Diabetes. This makes you have to take an insulin shot by needle or by a diabetic pump. Without this insulin you can go into a diabetic coma.

Type 2 Diabetes

In this stage of Diabetes the body does make enough insulin, but cannot use it properly. About 90 to 95 percent of people with Diabetes have type 2.

Gestational Diabetes

This type of Diabetes develops during pregnancy. Women with Gestational Diabetes can end up with type 2 Diabetes later on in life.

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