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Tips to Reducing Fat in Your Diet

  1. Limit butter, cream, hydrogenerated margarine, shortening, coconut oil, and foods with these products.
  2. Substitute plain low fat yogurt, whipped cottage cheese, or buttermilk, for sour cream or mayonnaise.
  3. Trim fat from meats before and after cooking it.
  4. Cook meat or poultry on a rack so the fat will drain off.
  5. Read labels to determine the amount and types of fat in foods.

Tips to Reducing Sugar in Your Diet

  1. Serve fresh fruits for snacks rather than candies and cookies.
  2. Drink juice or unsweet tea instead of soft drinks.
  3. Add fruit to plain yogurt instead of buying flavored yogurts.
  4. Read labels to determine sugar contents.
  5. Buy unsweetened cereals and add fruit instead of sugar.
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Tips to Reducing Sodium in Your Diet

  1. Taste food before adding salt.
  2. Use lemon juice or balsamic vinegar instead or salt on vegetables and fish.
  3. Read labels at the sstore and copare foods, then buy those without added salt.
  4. Substitute herbs and spices for salt when preparing food.
  5. Eat fewer safety foods, such as pretzels and chips.
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