To my mama and papa

Coming to the united states from Italy

Letter to my family

I’ve been in america for a year now and it is not all it seems. When migrating into the country I passed through a place called Ellis island. This place was full of people from all around the world. I was there for many days before I was able to board a ship that took me into the country.

The grimmy tales

I came here hoping for a new life a new world new opportunities. I soon realized that america is not all glitz and glamor. It is a country driven on hard work and wealthy men. When I arrived I expected easy well paying jobs to help support my life. I ended up getting a job at a factory that opened up in the town I live in. It required long hard days with little pay. The owner is a very cruel man. When I ask about safety problems and children working next to me he tells me to keep my mouth shut and keep working or he will send me back to where I came from. I hate my job but not even a month of working a man approached me and asked me about joining a union. I asked what a union was and he explained that it's a group of workers who protest for better working areas.

I denied later that week those same guys who asked me to join were fired.

Work is hard here but it will hopefully work out in the end. While I am here I will still work towards my dream to become successful in America.

Sincerely Davide Magni

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