Party Schedule


Parent Responsibilities

In order to balance out the responsibilities for each of our parties, your children have chosen a party that they would like to help with. This will be the only party this year that you will have the responsibility to bring something for.
Approximately 2 weeks before your designated party, our room mom Mrs. Pearson, will be calling you to discuss what items you would like to bring in.
All parents are invited to attend any party, even if it is not the party you are participating in!


Juliana H.
Charlie S.
Annalise N.
Christina J.


Maya B.
Nadia B.
Ashleigh M.
Rachel A.


Ilianna S.
Hannah P.
Emma T.
Juliet I.

Valentines Day

Theresa M.
Catalina B.
Paige B.
Merielle T.


Alina M.
Isaac K.
Emily V.
Jedi M.

End of the Year

Kelsie G.
Alexis P.
Luke P.
Kendra S.