Lincoln Agenda

May 9-13, 2016

What's Happening....


Jeans Days all week!

Monday, May 9-

Melissa out of the building

7:00 - Spread a Little Sunshine - Breakfast sponsored by PTO

Grade 3 Mapping

Tuesday, May 10-

Hat & Stuffed Animal Day $1.00

Melissa out of the building

Lunch - Taco What! Taco Bar! sponsored by PTO

1:45 5th Grade Etiquette in Cafeteria

6:00 School Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 11-

Melissa and Christina at JB 8-3 for Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

4th Grade Field Trip to the Zoo

Sweet Stuff - Desserts in the Lounge - Sponsored by the PTO

3:00 Case Conference - Laura, Melissa, Ashleigh

Talent Show Practice 3:20-4:30

After School Outdoor Lab Work Day

Thursday, May 12

8:05 Grade Level Chairs

9:00-11:00 5th grade Middle School Visit

Jimmy Johns for Lunch - Sponsored by PTO

11:00 Melissa meeting w Isabella - Recess Before Lunch

3:30 Parent Conference - Jenny & Melissa

Friday, May 13

Scoop It! Ice Cream Bar in the Lounge ALL DAY - Sponsored by PTO

Climate Committee at Admin

8:30 CC - Incoming Kindergarten - Melissa & Gretchen

12:00 CC - Incoming Kindergarten - Melissa & Gretchen

2:00 Luna Bricks for Kids

Monthly Meeting Schedule- A look ahead. This may change but may be helpful for you as you plan.

RTI Referral- Please fill this out if you have a student that you have concerns about. Marcie will add his or her name to the agenda. This is for academics or behavior. If you have urgent concerns, please let Melissa or Marcie know ASAP. If you have behavior concerns, please use a tally sheet and talk to Christina.



We will be participating in a Parade of GRADUATES! It will be our first ever Senior Walk, with Hanover Central Seniors coming to Lincoln in their caps and gowns. This will take place on May 25 at 10:00. Your students should sit in the hallways as pictured in the link. One more wonderful event for the month of May!

Thank you to Renee for posting to my facebook page, and to Mary Ann West for making it happen!

What Happened to JOY in education?

This is a powerful video.

"In a world of data, maybe we need to start counting smiles." -Dean Shareski

Whatever Happened to Joy in Education?: Dean Shareski at TEDxWestVancouverED

Dress Code

Please remind your students about the dress code on our warm days. If you have concerns, please send them to Tiffini. Thank you!

Summer is coming...Leopard Travels?

I was thinking about sending paper leopards with students for the summer. Through the summer, they could send pictures of where their leopards have gone or what they have done. The pictures could be posted on the facebook page or a wix site, as we did for Stuart Little. We could encourage the students to do the writing or dictate to the parents to post. What do you think? Looking for feedback on this...

MAY events

5/16-PTO walkathon. 9-@--tentative schedule was previously emailed to everyone.

5/17-Grade 5 lunch with Jane Ball at Great Oaks,

5/17-PTO Meeting, in media center

5/17-Gr 4 mapping

5/17-Butterbraid pickup

5/17-Grade 3 field trip (Perez) to McDonalds/Albanese,

5/18-Gr 5 mapping

5/18-Gr 3 field trip (Koontz) to McDonalds/Albanese,

5/18 9:00 Gr 4 & 5 - Show Choir performance in the gym

5/18-Talent show practice

5/19-Wheelchair Basketball game (NISEC-Mrs. Simon coordinating event)

5/19-Gr 3&4 music concert, in gym

5/19-Gr 3 field trip (Luna) to McDonalds/Albanese,

5/20-Gr 1 field trip to Buckley,

5/23-Paws redemption

5/23 ROCKET Blast Off 8:55

5/24 3RD Grade cookie sales during lunch

5/24-Paws redemption

5/24-Talent show-6 pm

5/25 Parade of Graduates 10:00

5/25-Gr 2 field trip, Wendella boat trip, 930-2pm

5/26-DARE graduation, in gym

5/26-Donuts with Dad in first grade,

5/27-Field Day,

5/27-Teachers input 4Q grades

5/30-No School, Memorial Day

5/31-Report Cards printed

6/01-Report Cards printed

6/01-Fifth grade social, 3:30-5 (sponsored by PTO)

6/03-Kindergarten graduation, .

6/03-Annual moving up ceremony in gym,

6/06-Records Day

6/14-School Board Meeting


May 2-20 Spring F & P Benchmarking - Please enter levels on Google Doc

May 2-23 Cogat Testing Grades K, 2, 5

May 9-27 STAR Testing - Please enter scores on Google Doc