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Welcome to our class website! We hope you enjoy reading about the interesting learning activities we have been doing in the classroom. Our class page is a great way to keep you informed about some of the learning and events happening in the school and classroom. Please visit our page often as it will be updated with new information and photos on a regular basis. Stay tuned!

Term 1

It has been a busy term so far. All students have settled in well to 1/2 Lester this term. We have 25 students in our classroom - 14 year one students and 11 year two students. I have enjoyed getting to know the students and meeting parents and families.

We have been very lucky to have some parent helpers visiting our classroom to support student learning. If you are interested in helping in the classroom, please let me know.

This year we are very lucky to have a number of teachers working together with us to support our learning. Ms Stiles visits our classroom for 2 literacy sessions per week. We are also lucky to have her supporting us at other times in areas such as reading and grammar. Mrs Mason comes in on Monday for our first numeracy session of the week. Our teacher for PD/H/PE is Mrs Gorz and our science teacher this term is Mrs Charalambous (formerly known as Miss Kanaris). Every Tuesday, we borrow from the library. Our borrowing time is followed by a lesson with our librarian, Mrs Welling.

Please read on to find out a little about what we have been learning in term 1.


This term we have been learning about books written by the famous Australian author, Alison Lester. Alison Lester grew up on a farm by the sea and has written over 25 children's books! She loves horses and she first rode a horse as a baby in her father's arms! Her books are a mixture of imaginary worlds and children's real world experiences.

In our literacy sessions we read books written by Alison Lester and we complete fun activities based on reading and comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, and punctuation. We have also started compiling a biography of information about Alison Lester. So far this term we have read 'Who's that knocking?', 'I'm Green and I'm Grumpy', and 'Imagine'. The students have really enjoyed the fun and imaginary nature of these books. Next week we will be learning about 'The Magic Beach'. Please stay tuned as we have photos of work from our author study coming soon!


Every day we do TEN. TEN stands for Targeted Early Numeracy. In this time we do fun maths activities with a partner. These activities include the use of materials such as counters, ten frames, dominoes, playing cards and dice. We do the same activity every day for TEN minutes and by the end of the week we are very good at the activity and have learned a new number skill! Working with a partner allows us to practise our skills with another peer, as well as learn from others.

There are 5 levels or groups that students progress through on the TEN program. These are: Echidnas (Emergent level); Platypus (Perceptual level); Fairy Penguins (Figurative level); Crocodiles (Counting on and back level) and Flying Foxes (Facile level). These are based on the Early Arithmetic Strategies aspect of the K-2 Best Start Continuum for Mathematics. To find out more, click here: http://numeracycontinuum.com/index.php/continuum-chart

We also have our daily numeracy sessions where we focus on different strands of mathematics, including number and number operations, patterns and algebra, space and measurement and data.


In term 1. we have been learning all about TRANSPORT as part of our HSIE unit. So far we have learnt about different modes of transport that travel on land, sea and air. We have also learnt about old and modern types of transport and various components of the transport system. For the remainder of the term we will continue to learn about the importance of transport in our lives and the lives of others and how transport affects the environment. We have also been doing artworks that link to our learning of transport.


This term in Science, we are learning about light and sound. Mrs Charalambous is teaching us the unit 'Look. Listen!' We have been exploring light and dark environments, as well as different sounds in the environment. We even brought in our own toys and objects from home which produce light and sound and we shared these in our science lesson.The students really enjoyed sharing their personal belongings and working out how light and sound was produced by each item.