Third Thursdays Inaugural

cogent, erudite conversation and assorted esoterica

A gay soiree

In the spirit of Horace's definition of the aims of poetry, aut delectare aut prodesse est (that is - 'either to please or to educate', with reasonable extrapolation from poetry to myriad art forms), I am hosting what I hope is the first of many gatherings at my humble abode. If you have a friend who you think would love this, please feel free to invite them.

Third Thursdays

Thursday, Jul 19th, 8pm

5926 Woodman Ave

Los Angeles, CA

I would like this first event to be fairly unprogrammed, with the following exception: I'd like you each to bring either:

• something to share with the group (music, art, a noteworthy op-ed, whatever you fancy - use your imagination) or

• a 'big idea' question for discussion.

This exercise is designed to frame the evening, rather than necessarily provide the primary content - I have no doubts that many interesting conversations will be had regardless of preparation.

In the absence of our own Marie-Laure de Noailles (or Roberta Ahmanson, in contemporary terms), please bring either something to munch or something to imbibe.

Please let me know what and whom you are bringing, so I can make sure we have a good mix. I will provide the location, excellent background music, and my effervescent wit. This first event will also double as something of an apartment-warming party, as it will be the first time I have a 'party' at my place.