Technology Tuesday with Smore

Create Paperless Flyers with Smore!


No, not the delicious fireside roasted treats you love to eat. This Smore is a simple way to create beautiful online flyers. This is the perfect option to make your brochure and flyer projects paperless!

What is a Smore?

A Cupcake Story

Create an Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click Try it now
  3. Click Sign up without Facebook
  4. Fill in information and click Sign up

Create a Smore

  1. Click Start a new flyer
  2. Select a flyer layout or Start from blank
  3. Personalize the flyer with your information

The Design Tools

Add Content

Use the Add more stuff to your flyer box to add content to your Smore. You can add text, pictures, events, bios and more. Smores also allow you to embed audio and video. A paper flyer can't do that!

Shortcut menu

Hover over an object and click the + sign at the top or bottom of the object to get the add objects shortcut menu.

Change Object Layouts

Hover your cursor over objects to see additional layouts for that object. You can also move an object, edit an object or delete an object.


All changes to your Smore are automatically saved but you can click Save Now just to be sure!


When your Smore is done you are ready to publish! Just click Done Editing.

Share that Smore!

Share your Smore via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. Smores can also be embedded on any blog or website. Just click Embed, copy the embed code and paste to your blog or website!

Finished Smore

Mickie Mueller

I am the Educational Technology Facilitator for Norfolk Public Schools in Norfolk, NE. I love helping teachers learn new technologies. I am a sucker for a good free tech tool. I am a geek and proud of it!