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All About Patricia

Central Idea

Patricia Polacco became a writer for children books by 2013 in her home


Patricia was born on July 11th 1944. She was raised in America but her moms family was Irish and her dads family was Russian. A little later in her life, her and her parents found out that she had dyslexia and had a lot of trouble reading, but that didn't stop her. Even though she had been working on a farm with her family, she loved to write story's in her free time. Even though Patricia had a hard time reading due to her dyslexia, her imagination allowed her to write short stories which later turned into writing children's books. Patricia wrote her first children's book in 2013. She grew up to be a wonderful person with a husband and two kids. She says "There is nothing in life that I would want to change."

Interesting Facs

1. She won the Michigan Author Awarded

2. She lived with her Grandparents on there farm

3. Her parents divorced when she was 3

Theme and Tone

Theme~ In most of her books the theme is never doubt yourself, I think this because in all of her books one of the characters are so sad but they end up making it to a happy ending by never giving up

Tone~ The tone in most of her books is warm or loving because in her books she has this one character that is so nice and loving


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