By: Scott Westerfeld




The theme of Uglies is that no matter what you do in your life stay true to yourself and follow your heart. Throughout the book I think if Tally would have gone with her gut then she might not have created some problems for herself and the others.

The Protagonist & Antagonist

The Protagonist:

The protagonist in the story is Tally. The story is focused on her thoughts and views. The story revolves around her and everything she does.


The antagonist in the story is Dr. Cable. She pushes Tally to betray her friends and the Smoke. Throughout the story she irritates Tally and her friends. She makes Tally think differently about what her future will be like.


Tally is the main character in the book. Throughout the story you learn that Tally is courageous. She rebels against Special Circumstances and Dr. Cable when they destroy the Smoke and take her friends, then at that moment she decides to rescue them and says to her friend David "'We'll go after them,' she said 'Rescue them.'" (page 322). I think that Tally also has a weakness when it comes to her friends and family. If her friends are threatened she immediately goes after them to save them. She is willing to get hurt before her friends get hurt and I think this also shows how courageous she is. Tally is willing to do whatever she can to change things in her world and is hard working when she gets a task that she must do.


The setting of the story takes place in different places which impacts the plot. First Tally starts off where the Uglies stay.When Tally is sent to the Smoke on a mission, and that is where she lives for a few weeks. When the Smoke is destroyed the Smokies become nomads for a while and build up inventory. The Smoke is a big part of the whole Uglies series.

External & Internal Conflicts

External Conflicts:

Tally is struggling to try to be made a pretty, but Dr. Cable keeps getting in her way. Dr. Cable keeps on giving her tasks which affect her friends and their lives, it also affects the way Tally is living her life, with Dr. Cable's tasks in her way she can't become pretty. She also is dealing with trying to keep both of her friends Shay and Peris happy. She is always trying to please them which are a few of the conflicts in this book.

Internal Conflicts:

Tally is having anxiety over if she doesn't complete Dr. Cable's task she won't become pretty. She is also is having trouble with deciding which place to abandon, the Smoke or the city. She struggles with having to tell David about how she betrayed the Smoke. This thought is really eating away at her. All of these things are causing Tally to develop anxiety over everything.

The Climax & Resolution


The climax is when Tally gets the task to betray the Smoke. If she doesn't complete the task she will be ugly forever. She also doesn't want to abandon Peris and she wants to become pretty so she can stay with him in the city. When she gets to the Smoke she has a big decision to make, whether to abandon the Smoke or not.


When Tally finally arrives to the Smoke and sees her friend Shay she realizes it isn't that bad of a place. She meets a guy named David and they start to fall in love. One night she meets his parents and she starts to feel deep feelings for David. After that night she decides she is on the Smoke's side and rebels against Dr. Cable and Special Circumstances.

My Opinion

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the science-fiction in the book because those things are fascinating to me and make me want to read even more. I also enjoyed the bits and pieces of romance throughout the story. I think the combination of these two genres made for a very thought-provoking read. I especially liked how the book made me think about what the future for the human race will be like and the new things that we might create. I would recommend this book to anyone, even if they didn't particularly like sci-fi books. I loved the book over all and I am currently on the third book out of the four books in the series. After I got into the book I couldn't put it down.
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