Roses are red, violets are blue...

How about another piece of jewelry or two?!

Shot with Style from Cupid's Arrow

I was Facebook messaging with a guy friend of mine and mentioned Valentine's Day and said if he didn't have something in mind, I thought his fiancee might like a little bling. "Well, we just got engaged in Oct, so I think I don't have to get jewelry for a year." Umm. Okay - sure! So what are you doing instead? "We bought a sofa and I helped her with the cat's vet bills, so that's probably fine." (emphasis, mine)

LADIES! Unless you want vet bills paid for Valentine's Day, drop a hint! I play Cupid with the best of them - tell me what you like and I will give the gentle nudge. But the deadline is midnight on MONDAY!

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What are you wearing for your Valentine's Day?

Whether you've got a hot date, a GALentine's Day outing, or are chaperoning your kids' Valentine's Day party, this is a great excuse for a little festive bling!

New Favorites!

What do YOU do when you have days on end at home, snowed in? A photo shoot? ME TOO! I pulled out some of my new favorites from the Spring Collection - which are your favorites?