All About Me

By: Logan Kosbau

My Family

My family is normal size I have a brother a mom and a dad and no family pets we only have 1 family that does not live in Wisconsin and they live in Minnesota and my family loves to go hunting and camping.


Some of my hobbies are Football, Basketball, Track, Fishing, and Hunting My favorite hobby is probably fishing because you get to sit down and relax and them when i get a fish I get to reel it in while using lots of strength if it is a big fish and the beast part is eating them after you gut them. YUM FISH!

My Favorite Food

My favorite food is something that my grandma makes it was kind of a funny story on how it got its name well one day my grandma was mixing random ingredients and she took a box of noodles and it was in a green box so when she was done making it i yelled green box out of know where and that was it name for there on whenever I wanted it i would just say green box and would eat 20 bowls of it if she had that much.