Life, Culture, Humanity


Branch of Science

Anthropology is in the branch of life science, because Anthropology is the study of human groups and the way they have developed.

Education Path

To start this career I would need a bachelors degree. Anthropology is the study of humankind, past and present, that draws and builds upon knowledge from social and biological science. High courses i should are, Advanced Biology courses Advanced, English Composition courses, Anatomy and Physiology, Anthropology, Geography, and Sociology.

depending on the kind of anthropologist I want to be. Some examples of college courses are African People and Culture, Anthropology of Food, Anthropology of Religion, Asian People and Culture, Forensic Anthropology, Indians of North America, and Medical Anthropology.

Training school and college

The school I would want to go to Would be University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I choose this school because its close and I know someone that has gone to this college, and I don't like going out of state unless I was really really serious about this career. Because then I would have picked one in California of Florida. The school is located in Oshkosh Wisconsin, and its settings are in a Suburban (within commuting distance of a large city). I is a Public University, not a tech school. It is a four year University. The student to faculty ratio at the school is 21:1, and the average class size is about 29 students, at the University of Oshkosh.


The average GPA needed to get in to this college is a 3. 24 GPA. So for me that means i would need to keep my grades up so i could get into this college.The estimated median ACT composite score is 20 to 23, or The estimated median SAT combined score is 960 to 1099.

About The Job

A degree in anthropology prepares you to do more than study cultures. You can use your research skills and your knowledge about different cultures to work for the government or for international agencies. You can work for marketing companies, nonprofit groups, or museums. You can even use your knowledge about human bodies to become a crime investigator.

What Factors Affect Employment For This Job

I think it will be easier to find job in WI, rather than National. Because National is anywhere some places might not even have this career, plus you have to have a passport and at some of the job openings you might need to know how to speak different languages. Or they might pick someone who is living there instead of you. In WI it is close a lot of states in the u.s also had schools for anthropology.


Wisconsin Salary range is $39,590 to $89,440, National Per Hour Salary range is $31,310 to $89,440 Per Hour. I would rather stay here because the salary range is better if you are just starting. If I could ask why it starts out higher here in Wisconsin I would.


The Name of the employer is Employers Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The location is in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I picked this because I think Milwaukee is a good place. I think this was the best choice out of all, I'm not exactly sure why but I still think this was the one to pick.


Personally I think maybe, it's just we have to pick so much stuff and not even in high school yet and my mind keeps changing on what I really want to do. Pro of this job is that it's very social and so you would then be social. Con there's four different types of Anthropology so you really have to think which one you would want.