The Best Gift Ever

By: Derek Bishko


Imagine Frosty the Snowman waking up in the Bahamas on Christmas morning instead of the North Pole.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Frosty is going to bed thinking about all of the presents he wishes to get on Christmas morning, and he is extremely excited that his family is planning a big surprise for him. As Frosty drifts off to sleep, he dreams about what his big surprise will be. Frosty is dreaming about boarding the beautiful Carnival Dream cruise ship. The Carnival Dream, which is the one of the biggest cruise ships in the world, was absolutely mesmerizing to Frosty's eyes.
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Frosty's dream

Frosty could hardly believe what he saw. Because the water slides were so big, the ship's decks had to be massive. The amount of food available was unbelievable, and Frosty couldn't wait to dig in and try all the different types of food. As Frosty looked around at all of the restaurants, he saw Mongolian Wok, Tandoor, and Pasta Bella. Pizza Pirate, the restaurant that was the most popular, smelled amazing! Frosty knew that if he got this gift that he was going to have a great time.
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Frosty opens his big gift

By the time Frosty wakes up from a good night's sleep, it is Christmas Day. His family arrives at his house, and they are very excited to see him. They can hardly wait to tell Frosty about his big gift. Finally, it's Frosty's turn to open his big gift. Frosty, who has been waiting for weeks for his big gift, is astonished when he opens tickets for a Carnival Dream cruise. Frosty couldn't believe that his dream had come true, so he and his family decided to pack right away so they could leave for the airport that night. Before Frosty went to pack his clothes, he grabbed each of his family members in a group hug and exclaimed, "This is the best gift ever!"

Clauses, phrases, and sentences used:

Compound Sentence x 4

Adjective Clause x 3

Prepositional phrase x 2

Adverb Clauses x 3