Qin Dynasty

by Joseph Kim and Ryan Meyer


During the Qin dynasty they had one main leader. His name was Emperor "Qin Shi Huang."

When in power he defeated six warring states including the Han, Zhao, Wei, Yan, Chu, and Qi. Also, so China would be unified, the Qin's made standardized measurements, weights, writing, and language. A few other things the Qin's did is they invented Legalism. Legalism basically means that the Qin's didn't have a religion so they basically respected the government, and if you didn't respect the government it could result in a death. Another thing unlike the other dynasties is China was unified under one leader. That leader was the emperor.

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This is a portrait of emperor Qin Shi Huang


During the Qin Dynasty, the economy flourished. New weight systems were made, money systems were established, and writing was invented. Also, roads and canals were rebuilt and fixed to improve trade with other outside countries. Trade and a set money and weight system helped China's economy to grow and prosper.
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This is a traditional Chinese scale

Religion, Culture and Social Life

During the Qin Dynasty, no religion of any sort was legal. Qin Shi Huang formed legalism which was a strict and cruel form of government which forbid anyone from any sort of religion. Qin Shi Huang also spread spies all throughout China. If the spies caught anyone talking bad about the government or emeror, that person would be sentenced to a strict punishment, sometimes, even death was an option.
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This is a picture of the Qin Dynasty's flag

Inventions /Technology/Science and Architecture

During the Qin Dynasty there were many key inventions, and structures. The most important structure was "The Great Wall of China." The wall was made to keep invaders out. Especially, the Mongolians. Another cool structure is the Terra Cotta Army. These are clay sculptures that were buried with the emperor to protect him in the afterlife or heaven. One of the biggest factors was the communication, and how everybody had the same currency, weights, measurements, and language.
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Pictured above is the Great Wall of China.
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