Middle School Weekly Wrap Up

January 12, 2018

2nd CDT Benchmark Assessment Information

CDT will be conducted in homeroom with the homeroom teacher for half a day to ensure we get participation from all students. The afternoon will then have a shortened class schedule. One half day during the window will be ELA test and one half day will be math.

2nd Benchmark Dates & Schedule:

  • January 31 in the AM (ELA) Homeroom: 8 - 11:25

  • February 7 in the AM (Math) Homeroom 8 - 11:25

January 31 through February 16 make-up & new students benchmark during PLT (ELA)

February 8 through February 16 make-up & new students benchmark during PLT (Math)

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Parent Student Conferences - February

Schedule student conference prior to February 14 with all your students. These can be conducted as a team to help ensure all students receive a conference. I do suggest that you schedule your most critical/failing/non engaged students first and then work towards the highly engaged/passing student.

During the parent/student/teacher conference….. (all students should be scheduled for conference)

  • CDT goal review. This is for students who take the CDT

  • Teachers will discuss progress and grades and CDT/QA scores

  • Discuss any missing work and what needs to be completed or submitted

  • Any other relevant information

During the first 2 days of conferencing, students will be asynchronous. On the final day of conferences we will use the half day schedule from the CDT with conferences in the AM until 11:25 and then half day classes in the afternoon. (Schedule above)

Conference dates:

February 14,15,16

Students Changing Grades

It has come to our attention that students have figured out how to alter grades momentarily so it appears to parents, he or she is doing well. This is not a permanent change because as soon as the screen is refreshed it goes back to their original grade. I have attached a Powerpoint to explain how students are doing this. There is not a fix other than to just let parents know this is possible and what to do if they think their child's grades may be inaccurate.

Semester Closing of Course A

If you are a science, math, ELA and elective teacher who needs to close the Semester A course, please work with your subject grade level team to determine when every one will be done using semester A and submit the date to close the course to your supervising principal. If you will be keeping the course open for semester B, such as some math courses did last year, please let that principal know as well. If you have questions, feel free to contact your grade level principal to help.

6th - Bridget Kozar

7th - Heather Bianconi

8th - Beryl Cohen


  • I wanted to take the time to thank Kelly Bausher for all of her support and guidance with our MTSS process over the past few years!! We will certainly miss her as she moves on to take on a new role at a new school! We wish you all the best! We will miss you!
  • We also want to thank Colleen Richardson for taking on Kelly's role in the interim. She will be taking on Kelly's duties as MTSS coordinator, working with the math and reading specialists, along with her current position until the end of this school year. Thank you! We appreciate her help and support with the addition of these responsibility.

  • Monday, January 15 is a holiday - No School! Enjoy your three day weekend!!