Weekly Journalism Assignment

Here is where we will post for the world to see!

Your amazing teacher - Mrs. Kendrick - is pleased to present.....

This is where I will be uploading all of your work. These assignments are meant to be shared with the world. Part of the assignment will be the hard copy to turn in but also sharing it with me via email so I can upload it to our online newsletter. I will be sharing this with all staff members each week. You are welcome to share as well.

Every Friday - you will submit your assignment

You will present your article to the class with a summary of what you learned, researched, photos you've taken, etc.
If you have a question or are unsure about something - maybe it's the topic or some information you don't quite get - I am here to help. Feel free to ask me for help. You're peers are also there to help! Maybe as a classmate if I am not available.

Journalism with Mrs. Kendrick