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Bioness Earns 2015 Frost & Sullivan Award for FES

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When your insight comes together with our technology, innovative mobility solutions happen. As a result, Bioness has won the prestigious 2015 Frost & Sullivan Award for Functional Electrical Stimulation for Walking.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration as we develop the most innovative FES solutions that expand accessibility, increase clinical value and improve mobility for individuals around the world.

Market Leader Award

This North American award recognizes superior technical innovation, product development and customer service.

BIONESS - 2015 North American Functional Electrical Stimulation for Walking Market Leadership Award
Bioness L300 Plus System: Overview

Bioness’ proprietary algorithm is unique in the FES systems market because it adapts to the patient, rather than having the patient adapt to its system.

With the L300 Foot Drop System, the gait detection algorithm adjusts to the wearers gait speed, footwear, and even the terrain being covered. For example, as the wearer walks faster, the algorithm adjusts the stimulation timing to compensate. Additionally, required gait adjustments related to walking from a hard surface (e.g., concrete) to a softer surface (e.g., grass) are automatically made via Bioness’ algorithm. The L300 System is the only FES device for foot drop that is in a perpetual state of adaptation. This adaption provides stimulation reliability across environments to assure patient safety. Bioness’ understanding of these sensitive adjustments allows wearers to have a more natural gait in low-stress terrain environments, at a pace that is most comfortable for them.

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