Toms River High School East

Newsletter - January 10, 2022

Dear Families

Well, not a bad start to the year as we welcomed two snow storms. I enjoyed the student and staff discourse on the potential participation rates. Our in-house weather person, Mr. Konopka, predicted the storms with impressive accuracy!

Our Covid numbers are on the rise and do not appear to be slowing down. We will continue to follow our school safety protocols to ensure safe operation throughout the day. I ask our parents to remind our children of the importance of wearing your mask properly, washing your hands regularly, and avoiding close contact scenarios.

There appears to be confusion regarding Covid protocols between the information being disseminated between the CDC, OCHD, and the NJDOH. However, to ensure complete understanding of how we are moving forward, please refer to our website for guidance!

Leader's Committee

Our Leader's Committee met on Thursday to discuss our December initiative to promote extracurricular activities. Each club/organization leader was tasked with developing a morning announcement and QR code to promote their respective group. We furthered our discussion on setting goals for our respective groups for the year. Each leader was tasked with completing a Google Doc highlighting their club/organization's direction for the remainder of the year and the process of accomplishing their target(s).

Our school expectation is that we will promote a sense of involvement and belonging in our school community. Statistically, students who are active in school extracurricular activities are more likely to attend school, demonstrate pro-social behavior, and achieve academically.

East in Action!

Climate Committee

Our Climate Committee convened on Thursday and developed activities to promote a positive school culture for our students and staff. We will be implementing activities that are designed to make connections between school stakeholders. For our staff, we are looking to participate in our Snow Bowl (predicting potential snow days), Milestone Month (highlighting staff milestones), Friday guest DJ (staff plays their music 'type' between periods), Book Club (discussion of 7 Husbands by Evelyn Hugo), and bringing our snack and coffee cart back.

We are in the process of creating our student Climate Committee, which will hold our first meeting on January 27, 2022. Our first task will be to discuss the topic, "What does our building say about us?" Essentially, students will evaluate our physical environment to articulate the message we are sending school stakeholders. We will assess what changes are necessary to ensure we are promoting tolerance, respect, and excellence. Our committee will be comprised of a representative group of students. I look forward to reporting out to you on our progress!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The district will be participating in a 1/2 Day Professional Day on Wednesday, January 12, 2022. There will be PM VOC on Wednesday, but students will need to find their own transportation home from East due to the district PD Day. School will begin tomorrow at 7:15 am and conclude at 11:15 am.

Employee of the Week

Congratulations to Mr. Mike Yost for being recognized as our Employee of the Week. Mr. Yost is our incredible school custodian. Mr. Yost is responsible for keeping our building clean for our students and staff as well as meeting the needs of our staff. Mr. Yost does a wonderful job and is so very well respected by everyone! I thank Mr. Yost for his commitment to do his very best each and every day! Thank you Mr. Yost for being such a positive reflection of our school community!

Big picture

Parents - Looking for Your Help!

Hello parents and guardians. I would like to hold a brief workshop on January 25, 2002 at 6 pm in the Cafeteria for parents interested in adding their value to our school in support of our mission. I am going to talk to the parents about our goals and current strategies to best prepare our students for their college and career endeavors. I would like to discuss avenues that you may be able to help and to gather your feedback on your needs. Examples of parent support opportunities include (but are not limited to):

  • Career guest speaker
  • Volunteer for school events/activities
  • Academic Tutor
  • Life skills workshops (time management, stress management, organizational skills)
  • Writing college essays
  • Interview skill development and resume building
  • School advocacy committee to develop and promote school expectations
  • Guidance and Main Office activities
  • PTO
  • School safety monitoring (traffic/duties)

EQUITY Matters

Mrs. Rodriguez and I will be presenting to a panelist for best practices in Equity from schools around the nation on Thursday afternoon. We were selected as a finalist in this competition for our inclusive mindset and practices that ensure all students deserve and equal and equitable education. We shared on our progress improving our social and academic standings from our Hispanic population over the years. We did this through our commitment to connect the school to the home, give a voice to all students, show pride in our diverse backgrounds, and belief in our future goals. I will inform you of our outcome!

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