Things to know: Research

Credibility of a website

When looking at the website to find it's credibility think about the URL, .gov is going to be the most reliable because it is made by the government which means it should have the most accurate information. Second, would be .edu, edu means education, these are most likely going to be wrote by universities, professors, etc

How to get information from sources.

You can use databases like Explora middle school. You can find most of these on the You go to the teens tab then click homework help then scroll down until you find the source you need.

Use Keywords not full sentences

When searching for information don't search a full question, just use key words. By using keywords in a search you are most likely going to find better and more accurate results and less non-related ones. If i were going to search for a volcanoes death toll or deadliness then I would use these keywords, "death toll" "deaths" "volcano" "eruption" "deadly" "deadliest"

What is plagiarism and how to avoid it.

Plagiarism is when you take someone else's ideas without their permission and call them your own. A way to take notes, but very carefully. summarize the idea in your own words, then copy important things down, and then copy quotes word for word. you must also cite every paraphrase, summarize and quote, in the text and in your bibliography.

The difference between a paraphrase, quote, and summarize

A summary is when you put the main topic/ideas in your own words in a paragraph.

Example: People compete in international tournaments for money.

A quote is when you copy something word for word and put quotation marks around it, if you forget the quotation marks it is plagiarism.

Example: "A summary is when you put the main topic/ideas in your own words in a paragraph."

Paraphrasing is when you take a sentence and write it in your own words, but keep the main idea. Example: Original sentence: People in parts of Asia and Africa gazed up at the sky last Monday. They were looking at a partial eclipse of the sun. It was a rare sight. Paraphrased sentence: The people in parts of Africa and Asia laid their eyes upon the sky last Monday. It was partial solar eclipse, for it is such an uncommon site to see.

What MLA citation is

Works cited page

Create the Works Cited page on a separate page at the end of your research paper, label this page Works Cited do not italicize this. Label the page numbers efficiently for your sources.

In text citations

In text citations must have parenthesis around the citations, in the citation you put the authors name and then the page number. You must also still cite this in your Works Cited page.