Discrimination in the workplace

Man penalised for being Lithuanian

A man who was not offered his old job back in a company handover won a Equality Tribunal on the grounds of racial discrimination to the sum of awarded €6,500.
Laimonas Maciukas, who is Lithuanian, worked for G4S In May 2012. G4S Secure Solutions was taking over the security contracts and he and the other employees were invited to apply to the new company for their old jobs. He applied, however, he was not successful.

He submits that all other employees that applied with the exception of his brother Mamertas were reemployed. Maciukas submits that this was a transfer of undertakings and he should not have had to apply for his job. Irrespective of this point, he submits it is discriminatory on the ground of race that he was not reemployed.

He said that he had a security licence, keeps himself very fit, is a Judo Champion, and is very disappointed to have lost his job in this way.