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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

For those who were able to be with us Sunday - in person or online - I'm glad the message got you talking! We all have places in our lives in which we should exercise more self-control - mentally, physically, emotionally, financially. I will not make a list of the areas we tend to lose our self-control because there are so many that I might miss yours!

Understand that the Holy Spirit is calling us into a deeper relationship with Himself. He will never force us draw near. He will never make you give up whatever is holding you back. But He will create a stirring, a dissatisfaction, a longing within your heart for more. If you are experiencing that feeling, be glad! Surrender self and draw near to God!

What Makes God Want to Show Up?

Spirit Moves

Throughout the Bible, we read examples of God showing up for His people. Is there some secret formula, some special thing that will guarantee a move of God? In a word - yes. There are clearly some cause and effect moments through God's Word - desperation, worship, and unity.

* Desperation: Exodus 3:7 - The children of Israel had been crying out to God for a long time. Enslaved in Egypt, they were desperate for someone to listen and act on their behalf. Their cries reached the ears and heart of God. He showed up with miraculous events and a new Name - YHWH - Yahweh, I AM, the covenant Name. If they had only been sporadic in their prayers or had not been truly desperate to be delivered, would God have moved when He did? We cannot tell, but their desperation did move God's heart.

* Worship: John 4:23 - Jesus was speaking to the woman at the well about the proper place to worship. The debate was this - is Jerusalem the only place to worship, or is Mount Gerizim an acceptable place to find God? Jesus turned the debate upside down! He told her (and us) that the Father is actively seeking those who will worship in spirit and in truth - regardless of where they are. If (since) worship moves the Father's heart, if (since) worship is His chosen throne (Psalm 22:3), will He find a place among us?

* Unity: Acts 2:1-4 - The followers of Jesus had been instructed to stay in Jerusalem until they had received the Promise. They all remained together in the upper room, waiting to receive. Acts 1:14 tells what they were doing in this time of waiting - "They all joined together constantly in prayer". They had a unified purpose - receiving what Jesus had promised, and they had a unified plan - be consistent in their prayer time.

These are just a few of many examples of God being moved by desperation, worship, and unity. Let's begin to prove God's Word by doing these three things.

The First Message in a Series on Prayer