Atlanta times

Volume 153

Interview with Abas

We're here today with Nigel Rassummem interviewing Abas from from heir apparent.

Q: How's wolfgar similar to kenric? A: Wolfgar is stronger and kenric's a weakling.

Q: how would you're prioritize strength? A: The best!! I'm the strongest and awesomest person in the land!

Q: How could you prove your strength? A: I crushed the ogres' head with a wagon, and I can fend off barbarians with one hand!!!

Q: Do you disapprove of janie? A: I don't disapprove of her since she thinks I'm awesome!

Q: What judgement could be made about you're blade? A: *whips out blade* Spanish steel, strongest blade in the realm.

Q: Why is wolfgar better than kenric? A: Wolfgar can fight, but kenric's all magical and crap.

Q: How would you classify your smartness? A: I'm the smartest and the strongest.

Q: Do you think you're vain? A: No not at all, I am all that I say I am.

Q: What would you conclude from the peasant unrest? A: That they want me to be king!!!!

Q: Why do you think you're better than everyone? A: Because I'm Awesome and rich!!

Everyone bow down to my awesomeness!!

Dear Nikki,

Dear, Nikki

Dear Nikki,

Why has miss edna recently been worrying about money? She's been getting on to me about not keeping the water running and turning the lights off. Eric has been hearing this too. He's been wearing this too small sweater, today Ms. Marcus was talking about birthday parties, but since most of us have never celebrated our birthdays.

Eric argued about it with Ms. Marcus, and she said for us to do the poem about a memory instead.Since, most of us don't have birthday memories.'cuz we don't have money. Why must everything revolve around money?

Sincerely, Lonnie

Dear Lonnie,

Everyone's been worrying about money, since everything getting more expensive. It's all because of the war that's going on. Miss edna's probably trying to save money because of the war. Miss Marcus had probably not known that all of you had never celebrated you're birthdays.

Since money and jobs are getting harder to find, it seems everything revolves around money. Try not worrying about it and focus on other things or you'll end up worrying about everything.

From, Nikki

Garden Party Harvest Time

Saturday, Oct. 8th 1994 at 4:45-8:45pm

Gibb street, Oh

It's harvest time, we'll be harvesting our crops and celebrating. Everyone is invited and can come, We will be serving grilled chicken and hot dogs for the kids and the adults will have steak and deviled eggs. After the dinner there will be pie, and other desserts.

No RSVP needed