Christopher Columbus

The Voyage of a Lifetime

Who was Christopher Columbus?

Who was Christopher Columbus? He was an amazing sea navigator who was born in 1451 and lived in Genoa, Italy. As you already know, he was a sea navigator but his first voyage on the sea was when he was only 16 years old. On his first voyage, his ship was attacked by French pioneers and his ship was burned forcing him to swim all the way to Portugal. When he arrived, he met this women named Felipa Perestello who he soon married and had a child named Diego with in 1480. Even after that he was a part of many trading voyages that went to Africa by traveling through the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean sea, and the Aegean sea but one of his voyages, however, changed the world forever. On this specific voyage, while Columbus was trying to find a westward route to India, he stumbled upon the new world we know today as America.
Christopher Columbus - Mini Biography

Columbus's Achievements and Discoveries

Now lets take a look at Columbus's accomplishments and discoveries. He was the the first to sail the uncharted sea without staying insight of land and was navigating the stars but his biggest discovery was when he founded the new world we know today as America. Once he found America, he opened it up to European colonies and also established the first first Spanish settlement here. He made 4 voyages to America and each time discovered something new like pearls. Did you know he discovered pearls? Well, he did. After finding the new world, he went back to Asia and opened a shop that sold maps and charts. I would say he had an eventful, exciting life.

Columbus's Impact on the World

So, we've learned about him and his achievements and discoveries but overall, what was his impact on the world? Well, he made a huge impact on the entire world such as the fact that if he hadn't found America, the other side of the world would be way overcrowded but he did find America and also established the first Spanish settlement which brought more people to America from Asia resulting in America becoming more and more popular. Another impact he had on the world was when he made 4 voyages to America which lead him to discover new things everything, helping create what we are today. Overall, he had an amazing life that impacted the world and everyone on it in a very good way.

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