Dear brothers and sisters,

fill your minds with thoughts that are good,

with thoughts that are about everything we love and respect.

Think only about things we can do

that people will respect and admire in us.

Keep doing the things you learnt from me,

the things that you were taught by me,

the things that you have heard or seen that I do.

And then the God of peace will be with you.

Philippians 4:8-9


What a great start to the year we have had! It has been impressive to see how quickly our students have settled in and immersed themselves into their learning. It was refreshing not having to start this year with a ‘COVID Update’ or under any restrictions! Getting into the year with so many parents around the school and in classrooms has had a really positive impact on our school community.

We had our opening Mass for the year last week and our Year 1-6 students all came down to the church. It was great to see some parents at Mass with us as well! As a Catholic community, this is an important part of what we do and who we are. Please make every effort to attend class prayers and Masses this year when you can. A section of the First Reading used at the opening Mass is included above and sets us a good challenge as we head into a new year.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our P&F Welcome Picnic on Friday evening. There was a great atmosphere and it was a fantastic opportunity to get everyone together and to meet some of our new families. Thanks to our P&F for organising such an enjoyable event to start the year!

Code of Conduct

It is important that everyone involved in our school is familiar with our Code of Conduct and abides by this. Information about the Code of Conduct, including the conduct statements and elaborations on what these mean, can be found here. Please make sure you are familiar with the 12 conduct statements. The Code of Conduct describes the minimum standards to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students. It is the responsibility of all members of our community to report any breaches of the Code of Conduct to the Principal.


Assemblies for 2023 have been mapped out and the dates are below (as well as on the calendar on our website). This is the plan at this point in time and if any changes need to be made, I will let you know. With different things going on around the school, some terms were able to have more assemblies than others. Parents are encouraged to attend assemblies when they can.

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Building Project

We are hoping that a delay with permits, etc. will be rectified quickly and the build will commence very soon. I am meeting with the architects and builders again on Wednesday and hope to get a firm starting date. The aim is that the first separable portion will be handed over mid-year. This is when the Year 4-6 classes will move to other learning areas around the school and the renovation to the upstairs area will commence.

For those who missed the images of the building project last year, you can access them here.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support team have been working hard with classroom teachers to identify student needs and plan the implementation of a targeted approach across the school. We are pleased to have Mrs Letissia Amadio heading up our Learning Support with a team of EAs. Support will be targeted at different levels, being individual, small group and in-class support programs. More information about Learning Support can be found on our website on the Learning Support page.


We are pleased to have Mrs Cheryl Brown back at St Paul's to run our enrichment program this year. The program has been named 'ASPIRE' and we are currently in the process of doing some testing across our Year 3-6 classes to identify students who would be suitable for the program. The intention is that we will have a Year 3/4 group and a Year 5/6 group running this year. The program will also involve specifically targeted competitions, which may involve other students from the Year 3-6 classes.

More information on this year's ASPIRE Program can be found here on our website.


We have again had some concerned neighbours contact the school about how our parents have been parking on verges and grass areas outside people's houses causing damage to sprinklers, etc. Please be mindful of only parking in designated parking areas and not on verges outside houses. I appreciate your support with this.

Uniform Shop

While the new school uniform was being introduced, JFE came onsite to St Paul's once a month to open the uniform shop. As this is no longer required, the final onsite uniform shop will be on the first Tuesday in March. Uniforms are available through the JFE Showroom in Osborne Park or through the online ordering system, which will then be delivered to the school. Information can be found on the school website on the Uniforms page.

Park Visits

While we wait for our new grass to establish properly, we have taken the opportunity to take our Year 3-6 classes down the park so they can have a bit more of a run around on the grass down there. I am very grateful to the many staff who volunteered to do additional duties to cover the increased supervision required in order to provide the students with this opportunity. The students have been having a great time and have represented St Paul's well out in the community.

Details Update

This is just a quick reminder to ensure you have notified the school of any changes to your contact details etc. Please also ensure you have updated your child's year level on the canteen order website.

P&F Meeting

Please note, a P&F meeting has been added to the calendar for Wednesday 15 March.

Have a great week!


Pete Merry




Term 1 Week 1&2 2023


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