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Say Hello to Lifeline Family Center!

Lifeline Family Center is a non-profit Outreach Ministry as well as a Home and Learning Center. We can provide accurate information on all options regarding unplanned pregnancy, including education on abortion, adoption, and parenting. The information provided is shared by our trained staff and volunteers. Our goal is to provide young women with an education that empowers them to make healthy, well-informed decisions. We welcome any young woman who needs help. We are located in Cape Coral, Florida, at the heart of Southwest Florida, but our ministry is open to any young woman in the United States.

Lifeline Family Center is a home dedicated to saving the unborn, and providing young women in unplanned pregnancies with a comprehensive educational program in a safe, secure Christian home.

Our goal is to enable them to redirect their lives and become self-supporting within two years after the birth of their children. Lifeline Family Center is unique in that we are not only concerned with saving a baby from abortion, but also with saving the child from a life of poverty and neglect. We care as much about the mother as we do the child, and our program addresses the needs of both.

A young woman coming to Lifeline Family Center is given the gift of hope by providing her a home, scholarship opportunities, and child care while she purses education for a career. This allows her to become self-supporting. It is our hope to introduce her to or reacquaint her with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Lifeline Family Center provides services without the assistance of government agencies. We strive to operate according to Biblical principles in providing the highest standards of life and education for our residents.

Lifeline Family Center
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