Emma Thomure


What is advertising? Advertising is when you draw attention to promote sales.

What are the different methods of advertising in France? By doing comparisons and presenting results.

How do advertising and marketing improve the quality of life? They can improve life quality by getting you involved in methods that benefit you and promoting products that work with your life.

How do they influence us? If celebrities are using the products or you see commercials about it people will gravitate towards them!

How does a seller convince a buyer? Putting your product out there for people try and see how it works will effect the persons option on purchasing the product.

Daily Products

  1. Lancome- I use the Grandiose mascara when I get ready.
  2. Nivea- The lip butters are my favorite, I normally have one in my book bag!
  3. Bioderma- When I clean my face I use this cleanser.

French and American contrast.

The French and American look at beauty a lot differently, ranging from different product, views and studies. The French focus more on natural beauty, very lite and simple. Americans on the other hand tend to go for the darker shades, bold eyes and perfect skin. "L'Oreal" is a very popular French makeup brand we use here in the states but "Cover girl" is an American cosmetics lines that the French also use. When really all that matters is how confident and comfortable you feel!
L'Oréal - "Nutri Gloss" Shampoo System TV Commercial (Fall 2015)


Nutri Gloss Shampoo

The audience is people who want shiner hair

If you use this product you will have softer silkier hair