Rankin Elementary

April 27, 2015 - Bulletin #31

This Week in Review!

Monday: ADBOC Rehearsal @ 9:45 - 12:20; Concert @ 7:00 PM (CAHS)

Tuesday: I will be out of the building from 8 - 9 at the GISD. 5th grade M-STEP testing- Social Studies

Wednesday: NO MORE LATE/EARLY STARTS: 4th grade M-STEP testing - ELA

Thursday: 4th Grade M-STEP testing ELA ; 5th grade Music Program @ 6:00 pm

Friday: 4th Grade M-STEP ELA ; 5th grade music program @ 1:45.


We will be using even more spaces with our 4th grade testing due to having more students that will not be testing in their classrooms. We will attempt to avoid the media center but may have to some days....See attached list of testing locations and support staff

Evaluation Meeting Schedule

I wasn't able to get the evaluation schedule in here without it getting distorted so I included it in the cover email.

My goal is to send you your summary the day prior to your evaluation meeting so you can review it prior to meeting with me. If I am unable to meet during your time I may move you to Friday (my back up date)! You never know what could "come Up" that needs immediate attention.....As you can see this will be a busy week for me...