Weekly Cougar

September 19-23

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This Week's Reminders

  • Tuesday-Kindergarten/Pre-K/PPCD Curriculum Night, 6-7
  • Wednesday-2nd Grade Curriculum Night, 6-7
  • Thursday-GLC Meetings
  • Thursday-Staff Meeting
  • Thursday-5th Grade Curriculum Night, 6-7
  • Friday-PAYDAY




Breakfast Line-Hubbard/Renteria

Breakfast Tables-Cuestas/Jackson

Breakfast Stage-Orozco






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GLC Meetings

This week's GLC meetings will be themed "All Hands on Deck". We will discuss the support that each of your students are receiving. You will need to bring a list of your students and the support that they are receiving, for example: SpEd, MTA, Speech, Hebert, Bustamante, Ascension Mentor, etc. This does include academic support and relationship support. If you have any questions, please see Ms. Tavarez.
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Excellence In Education

The RISD Excellence in Education Foundation is launching the sixth year of We’veGotYouCovered! special district wide payroll deduction campaign chaired by Dr. Carolyn Bukhair. This year, we are introducing a new theme – Invest in ED We had a terrific campaign last year over $54,622 raised from 1,292 employees donating of the 5,131 employed last year. Think what we could raise if everyone employed in the district participated. The more participants, the more grants we can fund to teachers, administrators, and campuses. Many of you have been recipients of our E-3 Grants! One person, One gift, One district! If you signed up last year, your donation will continue at the same level as specified, and you do not have to sign up again unless you want to upgrade your donation or you have changed campuses, in which case, fill out a new form and check change my donation amount. If you have changed campuses, please complete a new form and indicate your new campus even if your deduction continues from year to year so we have you counted at the right campus.

The Foundation’s mission is to promote Enrichment, Innovation and Excellence in Education throughout the district. One of the ways we carry out our mission, in addition to awards, student scholarships, and program support, is to provide small grants through our E-3 Grant Fund. E-3 grants have limits but generally provide support for classroom supplies, and campus and individual professional development as funds are available. These funds benefit all schools throughout the district! We’veGotYouCovered! donations will be split equally between the E-3 Fund and the Foundation Unrestricted Fund which supports district initiatives not covered by state funding.

Take a moment and think what $5.00 per month would do for this fund: 4,806 employees this year giving $5.00 per month for 12 months yields $288,360 ($10.00 yields $576,720)! As you can see, NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL and small donations add up with a number of participants!

We are excited to offer this opportunity to you, and will again recognize the TOP 5 Schools in Participants and the TOP 5 Schools in Donations with cookies and posters. In addition, this year the TOP School in Donations and the TOP School in Participation Elementary will each receive a $500 gift to the campus. The same is true for the Secondary TOP School in Donations and TOP School in Participation – each school will receive $500. If you have any questions, please call the Foundation at 469.593.0241 (Elizabeth) or 469.593.0243 (Jannae Castañon).

There will be forms available at this week's staff meeting as well as forms in the mailroom. Please return all forms into Ms. Tavarez's box. Let's put Stults Road on the EiE Map!!!

PTA Shirts and Hoodies On Sale NOW!

PTA is selling spirit shirts! There are three options (pictured below). Supporting our PTA allows us to fund events such as the Back to School Night, Donuts with Dad and Muffins with Mom. Your support is appreciated. You may place your order using the links below.

Blue T-Shirt: Click Here.

Blue Hoodie: Click Here.

Yellow and White Shirt: Click Here.

Getting to know our Wonderful Staff

Introducing our segment of Staff Member Bios!!!! We will now feature staff members in our newsletter. We all know time is precious and we don't get to take the time to get to know our fellow peers! Thanks to Ms. Reggans and Mrs. Kibbe for being our first featured staff members!!

Mr. McCrory-5th Grade Math

My name is Tommy McCrory and this is my first year teaching at Stults Road Elementary. I am born and bread Lake Highlands. I grew up in the community and have spent the majority of my career working with kids from 4th-12th grade within the community. I went to Texas A&M for my undergrad and worked for the Dallas Cowboys after graduating. Eventually i recognized my gifting and moved away from a career in the sports world to pursue working with kids. I just finished my Masters in Christian Education in May of and am loving the beginning to my career in education. My wife Meg and I have been dating for almost 4 years and we have been married for 2 and a half years of that time. Some of my favorite things are spending time outside with family and friends, riding my bike, BBQ (both eating it and making it), cooking, sports, learning, and hunting. We have a big chocolate lab named Shiner that is full of energy. One of my favorite stories people tell about me is that I got so lost in reading a coffee table "text book" about BBQ at the grocery store that all of the cold things melted and I had to try to put them back on the shelves without people noticing what I was doing. One of my favorite quotes is "no one ever did anything great by attempting to be average."

Ms. Ashley-4th Grade Math

My name is Eleanor Ashley. I was born and went to Elementary School in Snyder Texas, but I graduated from High School in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Go Cavemen! I worked in high school at the Carlsbad Caverns. I went to the greatest university in the world, Texas Tech in Lubbock and got my degree in Elementary Education. I taught 4th grade Math and Science for two years in Levelland, Texas before moving to this fabulous district!

I love reading anything I can get my hands, and I am currently writing my own novel (but I am not very far yet). I enjoy spending time with my family, and Texas Tech football might be my obsession…. I look forward to getting to know the rest of you this year, and thank you for welcoming me to the family!

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Spanish Phrase for the Week!

Our phrase for the week is "Show me your work, please". In Spanish, it's "Enseñame tu trabajo, por favor". Click here to hear the pronunciation.

Strategy and Tool Spotlight

Strategy-Two and Three Column Notes

The AVID video is on the swap drive.


Sit with proper postures.

Lean forward and listen.

Ask pertinent questions.

Nod "yes" or "no"

Talk with teachers