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How To Handle Some Garage Door Problems

For the wise and savvy homeowner, a garage door problem can always be troubleshooted, unless they are of the more complicated type. This is, of course, true, and it is a good practice to learn more about typical issues that people may face regarding their garage doors and the accompanying openers. Knowing how to spot some typical problems and how you can handle them is the best step you can take towards better handling problems with the garage door. Read on to find out more about the more common problems faced with garage doors and how to handle them.

  • Sometimes when you press the remote control, your garage door refuses to close but if you press the wall switch, the opener will suddenly work. Barring from a broken sensor or other serious problems with the opener or your remote control, you might have overlooked a few things. Check the vacation switch, which when operating will make your door refuse to work no matter how hard you press the remote control. You could also be out of range, meaning that you are too far from your opener. Also, check if your remote control still has some batteries.

  • When the opener refuses to open, you could could check out if the sensors are actually aligned at all. Time can get them out of the proper alignment, and there are instances wherein even the slightest error will not let your door open at all. If this is the case, then you might want to check if your sensors’ lights are blinking or sending other warning signals to you. You could try realigning them by yourself once you have loosened their mounting brackets.

  • Check out your rollers and tracks too. Over the passage of time, garage door tracks could get out of alignment, which will make your rollers catch and stop moving. Too much dirt and grime will also have a similar effect. The same thing could also happen in turn if your rollers are not aligned properly or are getting dirty.

  • If your door is not running smoothly, you should check out the torsion spring. It might not be properly lubricated or is dirty. If this is the case, wipe off the grime with a clean rag and apply a light lubricant using another rag. A garage door with a broken spring will not work, but don’t try to fix this by yourself. Broken torsion springs are under quite a lot of tension and if touched the wrong way, they could come flying out and injure you or cause property damage.

  • Most garage doors have closing forces that you can adjust.You should check them out if you think there’s a problem with them. You can usually tell if they need some adjustments because the door could suddenly reverse or fly open again when it touches the ground.

Some troubleshooting tips for garage door problems are quite simple, but a number are quite tricky and even dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might not be able to handle some of them since they need the help of an expert too. For garage door services, visit