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Using PS Liquify Tools to Shave off Pounds


Today you will be looking over a couple of tutorials for Photoshop that demonstrate how to use the Liquify tools to make a person appear thinner in an image.
You will also be reading some material regarding the argument as to whether or not this is an ethical use of Photoshop.

Christina Aguilera's Photoshop Scandal

Read the following story on Yahoo News regarding a recent ad showing Christina Aguilera advertising for a perfume:
Christina Aguilera at Center of Photoshop Scandal...

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Use the Liquify Tool

Watch the video embedded below that demonstrates how you can use Liquify tools in Photoshop to make the body appear to seem much slimmer than it actually is.
Here's a link in case the embedded video does not work:
Photoshop Tutorial: How To Use The Liquify Tool To Look Skinny

Photoshop Liquify Tutorial

Embedded below is another screencast tutorial featuring information on how to utilize the Liquify tools to slim down a model. The instructor even states that the model is a "plus sized model."
Does the model in the image appear to be plus sized to you? What are your thoughts on using the tool in this fashion?
Link: http://youtu.be/OmHflSluxIs
Photoshop Liquify Tutorial

Two Images of Filippa Hamilton: One on the Runway, and Another in the Ralph Lauren Ad:

Big image

Photoshop Edits in the Celebrity World: Are the Unrealistic?

Read the following article below regarding AMA taking a stand on Photoshop. Their opinion is that photo retouching can contribute to expectations of appropriate body image. What do you think?

Your Assignment

After considering the following articles and the above linked tutorials using the liquify tool. Do you think the use of the liquify tool to reshape a person's body to enhance certain areas or slim someone's body is appropriate? Do you think this has a lasting impact on teens and their perception of body image? What would you suggest to the fashion industry and celebrity photographers in regards to using this tool to digitally alter images?

I would like for you to construct a presentation of some sort, whether it is through a prezi, smore flyer, powerpoint, writing a paper, or developing a poster that supports your stance on whether or not you support the digital altering of a model's body shape in Photoshop for public view. Use three points to support your argument.
Turn in your finished presentation to the Turn In Box labeled: Photoshop Ethics Presentation.

Be prepared to discuss whether or not the use of this tool is ethical in this form next class!