Fantastic Fourth Grade

Peek at the Week

Here is what is coming up next week!

Reading: We have begun looking at informational text structures such as Description, Cause & Effect, Problem & Solution, Compare & Contrast, and Order & Sequence. We are learning how authors use these structures in non-fiction text and are working on identifying these in real life texts.

Writing: We are beginning a brand new prompt and are really looking at the components of an expository and taking our time to really spend time on writing our best.

Math: We are working on our Geometry unit. We have learned how to classify angles as either, Acute, Obtuse, Straight or Right and we have also learned how to measure angles using a protractor. We will be learning more about measuring angles and how to classify triangles.

Science: We finished our mixtures and solutions unit and will begin working on our Renewable and Non-renewable resources unit. Students will learn about different renewable resources this week and what makes them renewable.

Texas History: The students are learning about the Texas Frontier and how the expanding economy affected settlements in Texas.

STAAR Ready Reading

We will be having our STAAR Ready Reading test tomorrow. The students may bring gum, jolly ranchers, mints, or any treat that they can pop in the mouth and will not be a distraction to their test.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, February 16

STAAR Ready Reading

Friday, February 19

Grades 3-5 Assembly

Friday, February 26

PTA Movie Night @ 6:30

Wednesday, March 2

Early Release

Mixtures and Solutions

Thank you to all those that helped contribute to our mixtures and solutions activity. The students had a blast learning more about mixtures and solutions and experiencing and enjoying hands on what they tasted like!!

Crow & Pitcher Lab

The students were read a story about a crow who had a problem They had to come up with a plan to help the crow and test their plan!


I have talked to the students about being more responsible and packing their own snack everyday. I have had a lot of students forgetting their snacks the past two weeks. This has depleted my Author's tea snacks that I purchased for the students so if you could help remind them to pack their snack before school this would help to ensure that they all have something to eat before lunch!

Book Club Expectations

I have gone onto my Classroom blogger page Mrs. Wright's Brights and updated the Book Club expectations. Click on the tab at the top of the page for Book Club expectations and it will explain to you how Book Club is run in the classroom and what the students are responsible for completing at home and at school. The link to Mrs. Wright's Brights is at the bottom of this newsletter.


On Monday, February 1st the price will increase to $25. There is also a limited amount of yearbooks that are available and we will likely sell out soon. The only way to order a yearbook is online at and once we are sold out, you will not be able to order one. If you are are not sure if you have ordered a yearbook, please email me

Don’t forget, if you have pictures on your phone that you would like to submit to the yearbook, please use the following instructions:

1. Point your web browser to:

2. Project number 625310

3. Include your contact information

4. Include grade level, event and teacher’s name. We do not need the student’s name.

5. Click “Begin Upload” to upload your images.

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