#michED to Lansing

A legislative out-reach project

Calling all #michED educators, parents, and students

Do you believe in the power of constructive dialogue and action to change our world? Do you believe that setting aside politics and building relationships between citizens and politicians is more important to a functional democracy than political party affiliations? Do you believe in connecting Michigan law makers directly to classrooms in our state and the positive influence social media has had on learning?

If so, this event is for you! Please consider RSVPing for the event below, signing your classroom up for a legislative visit, and find out more about the weekly #michED chat through our website.

#michED to Lansing

Tuesday, June 7th, 8:30am-3pm

Lansing, MI, United States

Lansing, MI

On Tuesday, June 7th, a group of educators from across Michigan will invite Michigan legislators to discuss the positive impact that social media has within our schools, communities, and classrooms. All those who are able to participate will have the opportunity to invite legislators to discuss how educators and students are using social media in positive and constructive ways to solve everyday problems, connect with one another, and set an example of how all citizens can engage in productive conversation around a host of educational issues.

As a participant, we want to make sure you have clear expectations of our interactions with law makers. Below are the outcomes we hope to achieve:

  • Invite legislators to participate in one of the weekly #michED chats
  • Deliver a #michED care package (t-shirt, sticker, letter) to every legislator's office
  • Meet and connect with legislators as concerned individuals, not politicized
  • Provide concrete examples to legislators of ways in which social media has had a positive impact on you, your students, and classrooms
  • A willingness to invite legislators into your classroom to see first hand how students and schools are using social media and technology to enhance learning


8:00-8:30 - Gather at Capitol area coffee shop (TBD)

8:30-9:00 - Preparation for legislative office visits

9:00-11:00 - Visit legislative offices to deliver #michED care packages

11:00-1:00 - Legislative meet and greet in Capitol, Room 426

1:00-3:00 Finish delivering #michED care packages & visit legislative sessions

How Can You Help?

#michED to Lansing Participants - RSVP with link below

We need educators, students, and parents that understand the value of putting relationships, dialogue, and concerned conversation over partisan politics. These participants need to be willing to meet with legislators from all across the political spectrum, be comfortable meeting and greeting, and be able to passionately articulate the value of social media, regular conversation, and face to face dialogue between law makers and those in education.

#michED Classrooms - Submit info with form below if interested

We need educators who are willing to invite legislators into their classrooms to share with them first hand how social media has had a positive impact for their students and schools. The #michED Classrooms will all be entered into a large database of potential classrooms and schools that law makers will be encouraged to visit in the Fall of 2016. These visits will be an opportunity to show legislators the amazing work being done in classrooms all around the state, and build relationships between you, your students, and Michigan law makers.