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Resources for Special September Events

I hope you all had a great first week of school!

This week's newsletter includes resources for special September events: Dot Day and the 15th Anniversary of September 11th. Enjoy!

I know that you are all establishing your routines and getting to know your learners in these first few weeks. Many classrooms are introducing Daily Five and CAFE strategies. If you are looking for book titles for CAFE strategies, let me know! Here is a link to a Google Doc for CAFE Mentor Texts with book titles for each strategy. Feel free to add your own recommendations! I will be adding book titles and strategies during the next few weeks.

Happy Reading!


Recommended Posts and Articles

25 Strategies for Schools to Support Independent Reading

Research shows that one of the best ways for students to get better at reading is to read, read, read! Actually, students won't improve in their reading if we don't provide them with time to actually read. This year let's all commit to preserving our independent reading and Read to Self blocks of time. If something has to go from your daily schedule due to a special event, let's agree to protect independent reading time!

Richard Allington's Recommendations on Our Use of Time

50% Independent Reading Time

Books chosen by students with increasing challenge and complexity across the year.

25% Reading Mentor Texts

Annotating short texts that revel genre characteristics and the writer's craft in support of both reading and writing goals. (This description makes me think of close reading!)

25% Whole Class Novel or Small Group Novel Study

Based on curricular needs and with careful differentiation to support each reader's needs.

How will you spend your time? The start of the school year is the perfect time to reflect on how you will spend your time in reading workshop!

Nancy Atwell's Speech - Why kids still need 'real' books to read - and time in school to enjoy them

Celebrate Dot Day on September 15th

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Dot Day is September 15! The Dot connects to many of our Habit of Minds, including Cultivating Creativity and Imagination. The message of this book and the opportunity to celebrate Dot Day are perfect for kids of any age!

Click here you want to learn more about Dot Day!

Here is the link to the Teacher's Guide for Dot Day, which is full of activities and suggestions! Enjoy!

A Text Set for The 15th Anniversary of September 11th

It's hard to believe we are approaching the 15th Anniversary of September 11th. Although we all remember where we were when we first heard the news of the attack, our students had not even entered this world. The books in this text set are meant to help your students better understand our history. The picture books are informative and share stories of hope. The middle grade novels are well written and will encourage deep conversations with our upper elementary students about this time in our country's history. I own most of these books, but a few of the titles in this collection belong to other teachers. Let me know if you are looking for one of these books to share with your readers.

Middle Grade Novels for September 11th

If you are interested in resources to use with your students, you may want to take a look at this Pinterest Board of resources for September 11.

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