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Week of October 1 "The Greatest School on Earth"

Lemon Visit

Rhonda Lemon had a great time exploring our school today. She visited about 14 classrooms and said she saw some amazing things happening in equitable instruction, goal setting, and collaboration.

Rhonda will be working with her team at Region 7 to bring us new ideas in how to stretch our depth and complexity through Question 4 of our common planning as well as ideas to bring inquiry based learning into our centers and stations.

She will return in October to share.

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Backpack Program

Backpack Program Form is linked below....

If you notice any of these signs please send a backpack program form home with student.

*Rushes to the cafeteria line - pushes to be first or cuts in line

*Sits down and immediately begins eating/focused on the food in front of them

*Consistently cleaning their plate, not throwing food away

*Asking others for food

*Exhibits extreme hunger in the mornings arriving to school

*Some might have poor hygiene, difficulty concentrating, frequent illness

*They might try and 'save' food in their pockets to take home

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We are excited about our WATCHDOG Volunteer Program!

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2018-2019 Sunshine Funds

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Copier Machines

Xerox will be her Tuesday 8:00-11:45 and 12:15-1:00 in the Kindergarten workroom for training. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions about the new copiers, voice concerns and tell them what works well.

Curriculum Corner


Amanda Kraus & Lindsey Stanley

What is it?

Number Corner


This depends either right at 2:00 when we come in from extra recess, or the last thing before we leave at 2:40.

How long?

Short at this time (5 -10 minutes), will get longer as the year goes.

Teacher does

*Calendar - review days of the week, today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Discuss the pattern of the month.

*100 Chart - move over the counter to the next number. Count backward from 10. Count forward to 30.

*How Many Days of School - Add a rod (straw)/link to the pocket and count, by tens and then ones.

*More/Less Cards/Sum blocks - I have cards that have 0-6. We draw two of them, and then use comparative language to describe the two numbers. Then I place them on the board in the correct order whether it is greater than, or less than. Then we read it together.

*Number of the day - We choose a number and discuss the different ways the number can be created. We show this in different ways, our fingers, ten frame, SUM blocks, and other manipulatives throughout the week.

*Quick Number Flash - I have number flashcards that I flash under the elmo for quick i.d.

Students do

Sitting on the rug, engaged, participating, and interactive

Helpful Tips

What we do in Fluency Corner changes depending on what is being taught/reviewed

Watch Kraus

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Watch Stanley

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4

Join PTA to have a chance to win in our teacher(all staff) raffle!

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