20 things from 2002

Harley Jenkins 10/13/16 3rd

20 that happened in my birth year

- Gas was $1.01 in 2002

- The top song of 2002 was Nickelback, “How you remind me”

- The top artists of the year where NIckelback, Ashanti, and Nelly.

- The new tech that came out in 2002 was Aerogel, 3D online Environment, Camera chip, Earth Simulator, MARS rovers, Solar towers, and virtual keyboard.

- In 2002 Alicia Keys wore a Cat in the Hat inspired outfit, Lindsay Lohan wore sleepwear on the runway, J. Lo wore the one lep up the other leg down look to look like a gangster.

- 2002 had the chopsticks in the hair look, the three finger part fringes, chunky highlights were in, and so was wet looking spiked hair.

- George W. Bush was the president in 2002.

- There was the Sierra Leone civil war, Algerian civil war, Burundian civil war, Insurgency in Ogaden, and some that are still ongoing.

Some of examples

Nickelback - How You Remind Me