An Introduction to Detroit

All about visiting Detroit in Michigan, U.S.A.


Characteristics of the city

With a consequent port activity, Detroit is one of the major cities of Michigan. Its name comes from the Detroit River that runs through the city. Its major production car earned him the nickname "The Motor City" or "Motortown".

Number of inhabitants

The city of Detroit has about 706,600 (estimated 2011) inhabitants.


French missionaries explored for the first time the Detroit area in 1670. Sieur Cadillac settled in 1701 on the site of the future city of Detroit in his friend Alphonse de Tonty, his wife and a few others. The colony was initially named "Fort Pontchartrain" in honor of the Minister of Marine of Louis XIV. On 29 November 1760, clashes between the French and English colonies broke. Amerindian tribes led by Chief Pontiac prepare a rebellion against the English colonies in 1762.

6 May 1763 Pontiac laid siege to the fort. In October 1763, the allies abandon the Pontiac chieftain. Detroit was ceded to the United States in 1783 under the Treaty of Paris, but British refused to implement the treaty. Treaty of London between France and the United Kingdom, stating that Detroit is given to the United States, was signed in 1796. February 1, 1802, Detroit gets city status. She is devastated by fire in 1805. Father Gabriel Richard then says "meliora of Speramus; Cineribus of Resurget.


Detroit is located in southeastern Michigan, near the border with Canada, the Northeastern United States. The city covers an area of ​​370 square kilometers.

How to get around town?

The city has various modes of transport like, MF transportation, car, taxi or bus, as desired.

Hectometric Transportation: This means of transport known as "People mover" is a lightweight automated transport which forms a loop around the center city.

Car: Several international car rental companies have their signs in Detroit. Taxi companies like Yellow Cab or ABC Cab provide passenger transport in the city. Tourists can book a car in advance or the moment they want by calling rental companies.

Bus: The "Detroit Department of Transportation" network allows you to move easily around the city.

What to see?

The city of Detroit has many sights to see. Visitors will mainly Chapel Fellowship, the "Second Baptist Church of Detroit, at the Historic Fort Wayne, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and at the Hart Plaza (a sculpture in honor of Senator Philip A. Hart).

Other sites such as the fresh market (Eastern Market), the Ambassador Bridge, the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, the University of artistic studies and the "Detroit Public Library" (City Library) worth visiting.

Do not miss the Black Holocaust Museum, Charles H. Wrigth Museum of African American History, the Arts League of Michigan, the Detroit Historical Museum and Detroit Institute of Arts.

What to do?

- Attend a play at the theater City, Bonstelle theater or theater Fisher.

- Entertainment watching a film "Detroit Film Theater" or "Fox Theater."

- See a hockey game at the "Joe Louis Arena".

- Having fun at the recreation center Chandler (Chandler Park Family Aquatic Center.)

- Learning is fun at the Detroit Science Center.

- Enjoy a concert of jazz, blues, reggae and rock at the Majestic Theatre.

- S provide a tour of the region on the Detroit Princess Riverboat, a steamer.

- Explore the "Pewabic Pottery", a pottery market.

- Visit the Detroit Zoo.

- Play multiple games of Greektown Casino.

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