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Going Out of Business Sale

Change In Season of Life

Hello faithful customers!

I have loved being your Origami Owl Designer for over 4 years! Starting this business in Hawaii was just right for me at just the right time. But now our family is moving and I will be a caretaker for my mother - it's a new season of life for me. We have decided it's time for me to close down "shop", but before I go, I have some AMAZING deals.

Please visit the following link to be added to my secret FB group. If you don't do Facebook, then email or text me:


text: 808-271-0633

In this photo is our latest Legacy Living Locket. It's bigger than our "large". I have one left with that beautiful tree window plate. Let me know if you are interested in it at 25% off!

Big image


All of my charms that I have in stock are now $3 (regularly $5-7) and this includes our licensed MLB charms. I have about every team except KC and Baltimore left.

BUT if you want a CHARM GRAB BAG, read on...

This is how it works - you pick the price and I send you a packet of charms with the quantity listed below. You do not have any say in the charms you get. You will also pay for shipping.

10 charms for $20 (plus s/h)
20 charms for $35 (plus s/h)
30 charms for $45 (plus s/h)

Don't worry, you will not get a bag full of ugly charms! Trust me! These have been wildly popular!

Ask me about WRAPS!


Even if I didn't mention it, everything I have in stock - lockets, plates, chains - are AT LEAST 25% off! If you want to set up an appointment, let me know - I must finish up selling by May 9 - as we are packing out May 10.