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April 17, 2016 ~Soul Light Expo a Success!

Thank you for attending the Soul Light Expo and for visiting my booth and/or attending the talk on Dr. Shealy's Bliss Oils. By all accounts, organizer, Dory Dzinski reported that over 400 people visited the Expo. As a wellness zealot, my goal is to inform others about choices to improve health. I provided some additional resources below to assist in supporting the four point plan I mentioned in my talk. If you would like to view the PowerPoint I reffered to it is located here.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or feedback. In good health, Mona

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Nutraceutical or Pharmaceutical?

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Most people you speak to take a pharmaceutical. In fact, as I approach 50, there are very few people I know who are NOT on medications! As I researched ways to invigorate my own health, I decided that I would invest in my own health at any cost. That's when I learned about nutraceuticals and preventive models of personal health care. These are products that are taken to improve or boost your own health. The simplest and most scientifically studied product I know is Kyani Triangle of Health. If your interested watch the video below!

Triangle of Health-From Kyani

Wellness Simplified from Kyani- Boost, Bolster and Build Systems

NEW Kyani Triangle of Health Review 2015

How Does the Q-Link Work?

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EMF Pollution and Your Energy Body

My day job consists by being surrounded by high powered WIFI and multiple electronic gadgets. A steady increase in devices and high powered circuitry coupled with a sensitivity to energy, I found my self feeling very distraught. I tried to figure out what was different in my work environment. That is when I discovered the effects of electromagnetic pollution. The British Broadcasting Company did a feature on the QLink Pendant. Interesting findings...
EMF Pendant QLink Tested by BBC EMF Health com

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