Perseverance in the House!!

By: Jonathan Lucas

Personal definition

My personal definition is to never give up. Under any circumstances, still give 110%. To not be scared to fail and know if you keep trying it will come.
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Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was born up during slavery and he was the first black man in Major League Baseball. It was called the noble experiment because the owner of the dodgers wanted to see everyone's reaction even though Jackie wasn't allowed to react back.

What's wrong?

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What happened to African Americans?

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Greatness Awaits

Rosetsu started as the weakest pupil of Kyoto. As Rosetsu practiced he would "get worse." This is result of straight loss of self-confidence. Rosetsu yielded and felt there was no purpose in trying anymore. He decided that one day, he intended to go home from the class or kill himself on the way. After awhile, he went to the pond one day and found a Carp there showing persistence. This would spark Rosetsu because he admired this. With resolve, he went back to class. He would practice with determination that one day he would be great. That day came and he became better than Kyoto.

Let's do this!

Jackie Robinson was the first black in major league baseball. He was introduced during a time of slavery so people weren't too happy about this decision. The people would abuse him. Jackie had to ignore all of the commotion, he wasn't allowed to react to it. He would have to muster up all the courage he had to show his face in front of slave owners. His paycheck was big for their time and if he wanted to continue playing he would have to act respectfully. He was also able to just walk away from this because he was upset that the people wouldn't respect him. Jackie would play for the enjoyment of the game, so he really didn't care. He had to think about people to come and how he could make a difference. Without Jackie, there wouldn't be any blacks in the majors.

Come back Nadja!

Nadja is a famous violinist for her unbelievable skills. For college she attended Julliard, the best music school in the world. She was able to play all types of different and difficult music but she started losing self-confidence and realizing how hard the music was that she was playing. By the day she would get worse. It started affecting all of her life, she stopped showing up to class, her eating habits were horrible, and she stopped playing the violin period. But then she saw a flyer for a competition and so she signed up. She was terrible at the time so to get back on track and an equal competitor, she practiced 13 hours every day for two weeks. By the time of the competition she was back to a good violinist. Later on, she won the competition and this would forever change her life. She would create tracks and go all around the world playing the violin.

Lesson's learned from Perseverance

If you give it your all, you can accomplish anything. Persevering through tough times takes determination to not give in. After that your goals will be reached as long as you don't stop. The decisions you make can affect generations to come. " Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never---in nothing, great or small, large or petty----never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."
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