Oskar Schindler

will be remembered

Oskar Schindler joined the Nazi party in 1939. He owned factories with Jewish workers outside Krakow. After seeing the cruelty of the Nazis towards the Jews, something awakened in him. Schindler secured permission from German army and SS officers to move his workers and other endangered Jews to his factories. Pages were filled with names of his workers, the people he saved. This was known as Schindler's List.

He spent millions to protect and save his Jews, negotiating and bribing SS Officers.

Oskar Schindler saved around 1,200 Jews. They considered him righteous and a true hero. A hero should never be forgotten. In the midst of such an atrocity, he risked his own life to save others; sacrificed his work and money for what he believed was right. Oskar lived to be one of the important people who were concerned and made a difference, no matter how small.

"The persecution of Jews in the General Government in Polish territory gradually worsened in its cruelty. In 1939 and 1940 they were forced to wear the Star of David and were herded together and confined in ghettos. In 1941 and 1942 this unadulterated sadism was fully revealed. And then a thinking man, who had overcome his inner cowardice, simply had to help. There was no other choice."

—Oskar Schindler, 1964 interview.