The Pennsylvania Gazette

By: Logan Branson

Constitutional Convention

Shays Rebellion: a weak government

After an economic depression hit Massachusetts, it really hurt the farmers. The state supreme court would not issue an injunction against the foreclosures on farms. Under the order of former Revolutionary war captain Danial shays, 1200 angry farmers advanced on to the federal arsenal. The government noticed that they needed a new form of central government.

George Washington: back to attack

Since 1785, former president George Washington has acted as a liaison between reps. of Maryland and Virginia. Differences over currencies, import duties, and navigation were among the most controversial. As a result of the meetings, it was decided that all 13 colonies should meet in Annapolis.
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What was agreed upon?

Representatives of all 13 colonies met to discuss the articles of confederation. The delegates agreed to abolish slavery and that each state would have an even number of representatives.