News From Room #152

Mrs. Swain's 4th Grade Class

Our Classroom

Our classroom layout has changed slightly. I moved some furniture to allow for a whole group space. We will use this whole group space for class meetings, math, and science groups. This may not be the best picture to show it but we now have more space up by the white board.

Our classroom rules and consequences will stay the same; I will let the boys and girls know what my expectations are if they are DIFFERENT from what they have been doing in class.

I have changed some prizes for the school-wide S.T.A.R bucks so tell your kiddos to check over the lists posted around the classroom.

We could some kleenex and #2 pencils in the classroom- we are down to just a few.


Each night your child will have social studies reading homework. I will send home a Social Studies Newspaper at the beginning of each week. Your child must read certain articles Monday through Thursday and answer a few questions every night. Your child will turn in his/her homework on Friday. In addition to this reading, your child will have spelling words to practice each week. He/she must also know his/her multiplication facts 0-12. Please work on the facts that are needed either through flash cards, websites, oral practice, etc.

- What We're Learning In Class -

English Language Arts/Reading

Poems, plays, prose; Fact & Opinion, Making Connections; Apostrophes, contractions, quotation marks, and coordinating conjunctions.

* Students will start new reading groups when we return. Please make sure that your children are reading every day at home. My boys like to read for 15-20 minutes before they turn their lights at bedtime. It doesn't have to be a chapter book-- magazines, non-fiction books, or any other type of print is awesome and builds reading muscles!

Science and Social Studies

* We will continue with our science and social studies newspapers. The topic we will discuss are Our World in Motion (physical science) and Indiana State Government.


Fractions; Measurement; Solving real-world problems; Simple equations

* Kids will get to explore equivalent measurements in our 'hands on' learning area this week; we will work to measure liquid with cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.

* We start Math Workshop this week. This is where we will rotate through math activities (Meet with the teacher, hands-on explore/math game, IXL/EDM math websites, and partner problem solving).