6th Grade Weekly Newsletter

Mr. Zgonc, Mrs. Rumph, Mrs. Ruso Rotation

Upcoming Events

1/17/22 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day ( No School)

1/18/22 - 6th grades Awards Ceremony @ 8:50 in the cafeteria

1/20/22 - Conference Night

1/25/22 - Walk-Ons Spirit Night

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Upcoming Assessments and Due Dates

1/14/22 - Geography of India Quiz

1/18/22 - ELA Reading Log Due

1/19/22 - ELA Selection Test (The Biometric Body)

1/19/22 - Science Quiz on Air Currents


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Upcoming Week


Check out Mr. Z's website for current assignments, homework, and notes



  • Comprehension: Is technology helpful or harmful to society? This is the essential question for unit three. On Tuesday, students will read the selection The Biometric Body. On Wednesday, they will take the selection test. This week, we will also focus on synonyms and nuance. Throughout this quarter, we will continue to focus on argumentative writing.

  • Reading logs: Reading Logs are due every Tuesday afternoon at 4pm. Reading Logs can be found in Google Classroom. The first one is due on Tuesday, January 18th.

  • Reading Goals: For this quarter, students are required to read two (2) books at their Lexile and complete a reading counts test for each.

  • Read Aloud: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

  • Homework : Students should be reading at least 20 minutes every night. Unfinished classwork also becomes homework.

  • Absent students should visit Google Classroom and The Daily Agenda when they are well enough to do so. Complete assignments using Savvas Easybridge or the workbook.



Lesson 2.2-2.3

Air Currents and Ocean Currents

In this unit, students are expected to understand:

  • how the uneven heating of Earth's surface results in air movement
  • how the Earth's spin affects these air currents
  • the main wind belts on Earth
  • the major types of ocean currents and how they move water around the Earth



Coriolis effect

jet streams

trade winds


polar easterlies

sea breeze

land breeze

ocean current



Social Studies

Unit 3: Ancient India

What can artifacts tell us about the daily life in Mohenjodaro? We will be learning about one of the earliest settlements in India.




Indus valley civilization