Mill Creek Maddness

Poetry Contest

Poem #1



As a child we start off small.

Then we walk, talk, and do it all.

We start not knowing,

But now were growing.

Elementary learning ABC’s

And loving the 123’s

Getting smarter,

And taller

But then it’s harder,

To go any farther.

And you think

Will I sink?

Just like the others

Who lost their colors?

Or can I go

And never say no?

Only you can choose

To win or lose.

You are the leaf in the tree about to fall,

So hold on tight or you will lose it all.

Can you hear the trees, they’re whispering.

And all the shadows are lingering.

But when it gets harder,

And you don’t wanna go farther.

You will think

Can I sink?

Just like the other

Who lost their colors?

Or can I go

And never say no?

Poem #2

Lost and Found


There are many different kinds

Constantly surrounding us all.

Some choose to search and find,

Jumping before they fall.

Others get lost iin though,

Questioning if they’re sane.

All they can hear is their hearts crying out,

Tired of all they’ve fought

Praying, pleading, possibly to forget the pain.

Those who keep looking around

Around, around, and around

Still may never find

Because the lost stay tight and bound

Keeping solitaire and hide.

Can the hidden ever be seen,

Or will they forever be alone

One must be very keene

And pay close attention to hear all tone.

If you ever do go searching

Be sure to check all places

Under rocks and in all caves.

One that’s hurting, unlike familiar faces.

Keep in mind “one thought can save”

Secure all their pieces were found

And now, no longer crashing like a wave.

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Poem #3

What Do I Have to Do?


See the face of the matter is

All the chit and chatter gets

Up under my skin a bit

All I can do is laugh at it

I’m giving you a gift

Wrap it in a package

And you just leave me hanging

Like a jacket in the cabinet

You probably think that I’ve been talking about female

I’m talking about the critics and the comments and the emails

I get up and joke a bit

You nitpick every detail

You liking it one way and you change it up, reversal

Had a bad day?

Well I can give you a distraction

But you’re like a Rolling Stone

The way you get ‘no satisfaction’

If your girl was a 10 with some beauty and knowledge

All you’d want to do is while like some crazy alcoholic

Every single person

‘Cause the hatin’s a disearse